About Our Members

We are based in Central Jersey, and our members are primarily from New Jersey, New York,
and Pennsylvania, although we do have members in other states. Below is a list of our leadership team and road captains. Additional information about membership can be found HERE.


President - Ken Crawford           
Vice President - Dave Weeden           
Treasurer - John Harvey       
Secretary - John Cestone               
Head Road Captain - Darrin Leppin         

Discretionary Positions

Membership Coordinator - John Cestone
Activities Coordinator - Debbie Roberts
Historian - Robert Newman
Safety Officer - John Harvey
Club Photographer
- Cathy Crawford
Sergeant at Arms - Mark Roberts

Road Captains

Tom Munkacsy
Ken Crawford
Dave Weeden
Darrin Leppin
Robert Newman
Rob Russo
John Harvey
Jim Paslowski
John Flodmand
Dave Scott